What Living In Poverty Does To Children


According to World Vision, 689 million people worldwide struggle to get by every day. These individuals do not have access to the necessary resources that would help them stay nourished and comfortable every day. While numerous volunteer groups strive to assist marginalised communities, a decent percentage of the world population still encounter scarcity and starvation. They do not have the means to eat three meals a day and attend classes, which leads to educational and occupational inequality when paired with other factors.

A considerable number of poverty-stricken individuals are children. Since their families struggle to provide for their needs, their development gets affected. Here’s what living in poverty does to the younger generation:

Impaired Growth

Stunted development is one of the most alarming effects of poverty on children. Since they have no access to healthy meals and a clean water supply, their bodies do not have the necessary nutrients to help them grow.

Exposure To Illnesses

Families living in poverty often reside in areas with unsanitary conditions. Living in these locations is cheaper, so they opt to build a home in these places despite being exposed to illness-causing bacteria and viruses. They also lack access to primary healthcare services, which results in poor management of diseases and disabilities.

Lack Of Educational Opportunities

Poverty and education are related to each other. Since struggling families lack the resources to send their children to schools, their young ones receive unequal educational and occupational opportunities in society.

Mental And Behavioural Issues

Children living in poverty are more prone to getting bullied than kids from middle to upper-class families. They are also more likely to join gangs since they need to help their loved ones and themselves by earning money.

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