When Best Things come free!


It is a proverb well-known that the best things in life are free. Many who have been taken advantage of by the capitalist regime may feel otherwise, but we are here to tell you that it is true! Forget having to subscribe to expensive online streaming services or paying monthly for a satellite television connection. You can find quality movies all online and completely free. It is just a matter of opening the phone or laptop and googling the phone and lo! The movie is there! Here is a complete list of some free movies you can enjoy in lean times.

Five Minutes to Live

A brilliantly made movie with a gripping tale, Five Minutes to Live is a neo-noir crime thriller film that tells the story of a home invasion and how everything goes wrong after that. Two men have invaded the house of a rich banker and have taken his wife hostage. What happens next is an unpredictable and entertaining series of events that will keep you stuck in your seat. The film didn’t become a success over-night but has gained a cult following since. Enjoy Movie Online Gratis through different online sites.

Meet John Doe

A 1941 film produced by Frank Capra, Meet John Doe was a revolutionary movie that was based on the story called “A Reputation” by Richard Connell. A tale that has inspired many through a civic philosophy, it portrays the story of a common man in a dilemma. A reporter writes the story of a disheartened man attempting suicide because of the uncaring world, which becomes an instant success. And thus a man is hired to become the person from the article and act the part. But along the way, this John Doe becomes conflicted of all the betrayal, and the plot that follows is one of a kind. A free movie that is worth millions be sure to watch it.


It is a British film made in the late 1930s based on the famous play by George Bernard Shaw. It is perhaps an immensely important part of British pop culture history and a phenomenal movie in its own right. It tells the tale of two gentlemen trying to make a village girl a well-mannered lady. Overseen by the legendary playwright himself, the film does justice to the original text and has been later adapted into the famous movie My Fair Lady. The film was nominated for many Academy Awards and won one for the best screenplay.


While all the previous suggestions on the list have been full feature-length films and classics, this one is a short film made in 2017. It is a sci-fi flick that tells about a future apocalyptic Earth which has been invaded by aliens. It packs a lot in just twenty-two minutes and the best part: It has Sigourney Weaver. A free, alien movie with Sigourney Weaver, sometimes life does not get better than this.

There many highly rated and fun movies out there in the ether waiting for you to watch them for free. So, get started with these and then keep it coming.