Buy Online Vivo X50 Online is Worth Every Penny


When you buy any products online you want to be more satisfied and verified before buying a new thing. The first thing please need to clear in your mind that online goods you will get at less rate than local because here no dealer to retailer and retailer to the buyer and the service facilities will be the same. So here no need to worry to buy Vivo X50 Online.

For a smartphone so we need to verify it’s features and quality. So follow these articles here mentioning all the features and other qualities of The Vivo X50.


  • It is a Chinese smartphone with two camera-centric with multi-optic set-up for versatile imaging,
  • It has AMOLED screen of 90Hz,
  • System Processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G,
  • With fast charging facilities,

Other features:

  1. Design and Display

Vivo X50 features a wise look with two-side little curved and slim profile screen and is lightweight, the X50 overall design is premium and zip in need of what you expect from a flagship smartphone. The phone’s front is dominated by a 6.56-inch full HD AMOLED screen of 90Hz refresh rate. It is slightly curved from the edges and boasts a punch-hole for the selfie camera. For the curved screen, the side is small bezels, and therefore the otherwise prominent top and bottom bezels are minimal, too. This provides the phone with an impressive 92 percent screen-to-body ratio.

On the rear, the phone features a glass panel of a matte finish. it is not the phone’s finish that pulls attention but the two-step rectangular rear camera module that houses four cameras. It is slightly large but doesn’t protrude much, in fact, it complements the general look. The front glass and rare glass have a Schott Sensation UP protection system, and thus the panels seem sturdy and resilient to scratches and smudges.

The SIM tray, USB Type-C port, and speaker sit at rock bottom. The facility and thus the number buttons are available on the proper side of the chassis, which they’re well accessible on the thumb. There’s no 3.5mm headphone jack and thus the phone lacks IP rating, which suggests the phone doesn’t have water and dirt resistance.

Vivo X50 now has a fingerprint sensor, face recognition via front camera so that you can use a biometric phone mechanism. Both these biometrics work fine and are quick in unlocking the device.

2.    Camera

The Vivo X50 Pro has a camera with a quad array at the back, a 48-megapixel primary sensor with a Sony IMX598 sensor and 13MP of portrait sensor, and 8MP ultra-wide sensor, 8MP telephoto sensor with 32MP front camera. It has the best zoom facilities, a dedicated view like “star sky” and “supermoon” mode.

3.    Performance

The Vivo X50 Pro has a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip with a 765G processor. It has 8GB RAM and 256GB in is fast in the task and swift but sometimes it warm-up itself and is uncomfortable to use.

4.    Battery

Vivo X50 has 4,315mAh battery capacity with the latest fast charging facilities by 33W fast charger. You can expect to use it a day by one-time charge and in basic use, you can use it for two days. The charging time is quick enough that it charges your phone in about an hour and a half.

This all facilities you will get in 49000/- price only and with 5G network support system so buy it soon because Vivo X50 smartphone makes your all demand in one.