Which is the best resource for students of CBSE Class 10? 


Passing the Class 10 exam is mandatory for every student who aspires to pursue their higher studies. Marks they get in this class could well determine their higher education and future career. Students of Class 10 would be aiming to score high and preparing ahead for it. They also pay attention to the main subjects Maths, Science and Social Science, especially if they want to score high in the exams. They can make use of various resources to study for the exams most proficiently. One such resource that comes in handy for them to prepare for the Social Science exam is the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Previous Year Question Papers. Students can also find previous year papers of other subjects to master all the subjects of Class 10. These question papers prepare students who wish to score high marks in the CBSE Class 10 Exam. 

Benefits of CBSE Class 10 Previous Year Papers 

These question papers will make the students more proficient in the subject and will also get them well acquainted with writing exams. Find in this article, some benefits or advantages to solving these previous year papers. 

  • Students can get a general overview of the exam pattern from these previous year question papers 
  • They also become familiarised with the question types and the often-repeated questions in the exams 
  • Students can self-analyse their performance and plan their studies accordingly 
  • Students get to know the marking scheme and time-allotment per section 
  • Solving these questions help students to identify their mistakes and rectify them before exams 
  • Previous year question papers cover significant topics from the textbooks of the subject, as per the syllabus
  • These also help the students to build their time-management abilities while writing exams 
  • Students can plan their exam preparations based on their strengths and weaknesses as analysed with the help of previous year papers  
  • Students get over the exam fear and are also able to face exams more confidently 
  • Previous year papers also include the main topics and likely questions that can be asked for the exams 

Students preparing for the exam need to be diligent and should consider the previous year papers as the exact exam paper. Other than the previous year papers, students can also refer to sample papers, Important Questions for CBSE Class 10 Social Science or other languages, textbooks and more. Solving these papers regularly will help the students to write the exam most competently and score proficient marks.