Which sauna is best infrared or steam?


An infrared sauna or a steam room. Which one to choose? To better understand how the steam room compares with the infrared sauna, you need to understand both of these.

An infrared sauna uses a wooden room that heats the person directly by the use of infrared rays, which penetrate the body. On the other hand, a steam room is an airtight room made of non-porous material which heats the environment with the help of a steam generator. Infrared saunas generate dry heat while steam rooms generate moist heat.

Both of these saunas have many wellness and therapeutic benefits like detoxification, weight loss, and relaxation. However, the benefits may differ depending on their heating methods.

Infrared sauna

As mentioned before, an infrared sauna is a wood-based sauna room that warns of the body via the use of infrared rays. The infrared rays warm you up from within. Therefore, the sauna mainly operates between 150 to 130° Fahrenheit, which is a lot lower than the traditional sauna. Despite the temperature being lower, the efficient heating nature makes the infrared sauna more beneficial.

Steam room

A steam room is made of non-porous materials like tile or loss and is airtight. It heats the body via humidity and heat. A stove is used to boil the water to make steam which creates a moisture-rich environment. The average temperature of the steam room is around 120° Fahrenheit. Infrared saunas heat the user while steam rooms hit the environment.

Health benefits of steam room versus infrared sauna

Both infrared saunas and heat rooms use heat therapy or thermal therapy to help boost the performance of the body. Each of these sauna styles have their own benefit, and using them together can be a crucial addition to your wellness and health routine. However, one of these might be better than the other, depending on your needs.

Benefits of infrared sauna

Infrared sauna work by emitting infrared radiation to create a relaxing and warm environment. Due to the presence of low humidity and modest air temperature, the primary benefits of infrared sauna include pain relief, weight loss, detoxification, relaxation, and more.

Infrared saunas promote more sweating compared to a steam room. As infrared rays penetrate the body, they break up water molecule clusters and promote toxin release. This is generally not observed in steam room.

Infrared also helps reduce cellulite appearance and weight. Weight loss mostly happens due to removal of toxins and an increase in the metabolic rate. Finally, infrared saunas are more comfortable to use.

Steam room health benefits

The steam room offers many have benefits like hydration of the skin, better sleep, respiratory relief et cetera

Both steam rooms and infrared saunas provide many health benefits for families and individuals. These rooms are designed to improve overall health and happiness. Before you decide which of these is best for you, think about the specific needs of your family and review the facts; then make the decision. For more information on saunas, check out LitCore.