Women Who Benefit From Empowerment Organisations


The purpose of women empowerment in Singapore is representation and giving them a voice to be heard. They fight for a cause through various social initiatives, and these provide people with the opportunity to make a change in the world.

In this article, let us explore the kinds of women who would benefit from these organisations and activities.


Joining a women’s association in Singapore is a great choice for university students because this is the part of their lives that they get to expose themselves to new knowledge and things that affect their worldview. It helps them gain the confidence to make a mark in the university by joining student care services and other initiatives.


The issue with most companies and other workplaces is gender inequality. You would hear stories of managers favouring the other employee on the grounds of gender or even harassment stories that one does not want to hear. Volunteering opportunities in Singapore can help you engage in some efforts that combat these issues.


Some women prefer to focus on the household to care for their children and other related matters. However, in some cases, they tend to focus too much on these things and forget their potential as women. Joining a women association is one way to regain your power as a valuable member of society.


Disabled women need all the representation in society. They want their voice to be heard because living with a condition is no easy feat. With this, women empowerment organisations in Singapore help them become the best version of themselves. Another would be giving them the voice they need.

PPIS is a women’s association that is dedicated to fighting for this cause. To make an impact, visit their website to learn more about their volunteer opportunities in Singapore. 

Contact their website.