Checklist of Discussion Points for Potential Home sharers


Sharing tasks, space, and points

  • What areas of the residence will be shared and also what locations will be personal?
  • That is in charge of household tasks?
  • Cleanliness criteria for ALL areas in your home
  • Home furnishings?
  • Personal possessions (TV, stereo, cooking equipment, recipes, linens, devices, etc.)
  • Washing
  • Storage room


  • What is the lease? When is it due?
  • If there is a service exchange, what is the monetary plan, as well as what are the solutions?
  • Reduction in the rental fee
  • Free-rent
  • Free room and board
  • Cost-free bed and board plus settlement
  • Utilities included in the rent?
  • Buy food together?

Practices and Preferences

  • Daily life (job, sleep, wake-up, as well as washroom schedules)
  • Temperature level preferences for summertime and wintertime
  • Smoking
  • Family pets
  • Sound degree
  • Alcohol use
  • Television habits
  • Music preferences
  • Telephone habits
  • House enjoyable (overnight visitors, site visitors such as close friends or family)


  • Eat together or not? Set up?
  • Buying and preparation of dishes
  • Kitchen advantages
  • Use of fridge, freezer, kitchen as well as a cooking area storage room
  • Food preferences
  • Special diet plan

Getting on

  • What are our demands for socializing and also personal privacy?
  • Is there any kind of tasks we would like to share?
  • Exactly how will we handle transforming requirements?

Medical Considerations

  • Medical conditions other home sharers should find out about?
  • Medicines?
  • Exchange physicians’ telephone numbers?
  • What setups will be made in case of injury or disease?

Emergency Calls

  • Number to call a situation of emergency

Beginning as well as Ending

  • The length of time is home-sharing contract to last?
  • Trial visits?
  • How much notification is needed to terminate the home-sharing arrangement?
  • What other setups?

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