Explore the Best Places to Watch Beautiful Balinese Dances in Bali


Among Indonesia’s cultural richness, you should not overlook its dances. Each region has its own dances, and they have their personal meaning. In Bali alone, there are so many dances. UNESCO recognizes three genres of dance in Bali, Indonesia. The three genres contain Wali (sacred dances), Bebali (semi-sacred dances), and Balih-balihan (dances for amusement purposes). You will find these dances or on particular occasions. Since Bali is a tourist destination, then you could find and appreciate these dances while eating. We listed some places where it is possible to dine in and enjoy those traditional dances.

  1. Balinese Dance Galore

Location: Made’s Warung Seminyak

We all know and appreciate Made’s Warung because of its nasi campur because 1969. Now they have four divisions in Bali and one in Amsterdam. The biggest one is the Seminyak Branch. Also, it gave them space to host a few entertainments for their guests. The local dance team does these performances from several areas in Bali. Each Monday from 8.00-9.00 PM, you can enjoy the dance from Sanggar Tari Ibu Nym. Budawati — Mengwi; Tuesday from 7.30-9.00 PM, you can enjoy the dance from Sangar Tari Bp. Kt. A must-see, when in Bali.

  1. Balinese Dances & Music Performances

Location: Hotel Tugu Bali

Each Thursday, from 7.30 PM onwards, it’s a free entry event presented on the stage that the royal Bale Agung. A soaring 15-meter tall ancient structure dependent on the now-extinct sacred hall of Bayung Gede village, under the view of the oldest, most gigantic wooden Garuda statue ever carved. Underneath the captivating air and presented by the most effective conventional performers in the area, residents and visitors can watch century-old Balinese dances and live gamelan.

For every week, Hotel Tugu Bali presents distinct choices of genuine Balinese dance performances in the very authentic Balinese setting in the staircase.

  1. Legong & Barong Dance

Location: Kunyit Restaurant Beach Resort Bali

Kunyit Restaurant is the perfect introduction to the delicacies of Indonesia and Bali, offering. Kunyit restaurant is known for its Megibung bundle. This taste of Bali can be appreciated at 7 PM every Saturday with a fabulous performance of Barong and Legong Dance.

  1. Phalastana

Location: Golden Tulip Jineng

Sunset Road itself is a central crossroads of south Bali that joins Kuta together with Denpasar, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. Taking place at the resort’s own amphitheater, Phalastana, Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the mythical Kecak Ramayana narrative, followed by dinner.

Phalastana Cultural Dinner can be enjoyed every Friday from 6.30 PM. Apart from Kecak, distinct cultural events will be scheduled on specific days.

  1. Balinese Buffet Dinner

Location: Tepan Noodle Kartika Plaza Hotel

Join us to get an opulent and real Balinese dining experience every Saturday. We become enthralled with the mystifying Balinese cuisine and culture. Cooking stations using performances live by the hotel staff as well as live cultural performances.

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