Few Interesting Ideas for Living Room Lighting


Usually, your living room will be the largest room in the house, and it serves as a hub of activity throughout the day and night.

It is more involved than merely dimming a visual projection light and calling it a day to ensure your room is suitably and attractively illuminated for reading, relaxing, entertaining, watching movies or TV, and all the other activities that take place in your home.

To generate equilibrium and a pleasant mood, well-lit living room lights should ideally have tiered lighting from Sofary that lights all four corners.

Chandeliers, table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, candlelight, and even recessed lighting can be utilized to light up the room for different purposes. The following are a few bright ideas for living room lighting to get you started.

  1. Built-in lighting

You can always use a built-in or any LED strip lighting for:

  • Highlighting a coffered ceiling
  • Illuminating the underside of any console
  • As a back-light

Make sure to incorporate a few unique fixtures to keep the space feel welcoming.

  1. Candlelight

Candlelight is the ultimate feel-good light source, and it provides a finishing touch to any lighting plan, making your living space feel even cozier and more inviting.

  1. Colorful light

A pair of wall sconces with similar-toned shades make your living area even more interesting in the evening. They provide dimension to the wall color and provide gentle, indirect light that is appealing.

  1. Fireplace as your focal point

An overhead fixture with warm-colored light bulbs is complemented by wall sconces installed throughout the room to provide an even glow and match the warm wood features in this living area.

  1. Highlight existing architecture

Include an antique French chandelier and a mid-century Arco lamp and use a delicate strip of LED lights to draw attention to the elaborate period moldings of the room while still adding a contemporary touch.

  1. Moroccan lantern

Incorporating a attractive, Moroccan lantern, perforated metal, into your living room does not necessitate a Moroccan-style interior. In your living area, hang a Moroccan lamp to give a touch of fun to the varied décor.

  1. Old and new

Modern lighting designs can sustain a room with historic frame seeming current, while an vintage sconces or antique chandelier may warm up a contemporary living room too.

  1. Oversize statement light

Most interior designers will prefer to pick a great statement arching floor lamp with a spectacular, sleek profile that can deliver abundant but gentle ambient light for this warm, modern living space.

  1. Sculptural light

A sculptural LED overhead light installed over the dining table gives the classic proportions and bones of this living room/dining room designed by a famous interior designer to offer your room an edgy contemporary makeover.

  1. Wall light that can double as art

If you spend most of your time in the living room relaxing, consider installing a dramatic wall light over your sofa. It is the kind of useful wall art and decor that sets the tone, sparks conversation, and looks great in a small area.