How To Deal With A Very Pushy Member, As A Webcam Model?

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Being a non-adult webcam model is one of the best job choices for a young woman. First of all, the earnings can be up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per month, with no prior experience needed. This will allow you to gain independence from your parents from a very early age, rent or buy your own apartment, buy the sports car of your dreams, as well as all the makeup and designer clothes you want. Furthermore, you will still have more than enough left to go on at least one or two exotic vacations every year.

Secondly, being a webcam model will allow you to set your own working schedule. Unlike the regular 9 to 5 office jobs, you can decide when to clock in, which will leave enough time for you to solve other problems in your personal life. Last but not least, by working in a professional non-adult modeling agency, you will have great colleagues and managers, you will benefit from a lot of training and free props, and you will develop both personally, and professionally.

However, the job as a webcam model is not all milk and honey, as you could imagine. One of the worst nightmares for a cam girl, especially an inexperienced one, is having to deal with a very pushy member. Amada went through this ordeal, shared her experience, and asked for advice, on a private forum dedicated to cam girls all around the world. “I have a problem: one of my members is bringing me to despair! He always asks for my phone number, home address, and so on. I keep explaining to him that I can’t give personal info, but he keeps insisting. Have you been through this situation as well? If so, what did you do?”, she asked.

Another webcam model, by the name of Amelya, was the first to answer. “Yes, I went through this as well. Just like in your case, I had a very pushy member. I told him all the things you mentioned, but he still wouldn’t listen. So I told him that the support guys from the studio can see the conversation and they will shut down my account because of him. This worked, it scared him since he can’t imagine not seeing me again. Maybe it will work for you too?”, Amelya said.

On the other hand, a webcam model who goes by the name Macrina was luckier. “In my case, the guys from the studio solved the problem. I think they banned him because he didn’t contact me after a few incidents”, she said. “I agree with Amelya, I think if you tell him that your account will get permanently banned, he will leave you alone. If he insists so much on getting your phone number and home address, even though it’s forbidden, it means he cares about you and wants to see you again. Good luck, I hope it helped!”, another webcam model, Megan, answered.