How to Help Your Friends Learn to Use the Khelplay Rummy App?


There is no dearth of rummy lovers in India. People in different parts of India play Indian rummy card games differently. However, their love for rummy remains unending. It is no surprise that Khelplay Rummy app has so many avid followers and fans. If you have friends who are fans of rummy games but are still unaware of the Khelplay Rummy app, here is what you can do. You can introduce them to this amazing card game app. This will ensure that your friends get to enjoy rummy card games anytime and anywhere. What’s more? You can even invite them to join you in online card game sessions when they are away. Isn’t that exciting?

Tell Your Friends How to Install the App

Most friends who have never used the Khelplay Rummy app before will have this question about how to use the app. You need to start by telling them how to install the app. You can tell them that the Khelplay Rummy app is available on the Google Play Store. People need to download and install the app on their smartphone devices. The app is designed to be compatible with Android as well as iOS versions. After installing the app, you need to sign up and create an account. During account creation, one needs to verify phone number and other necessary details. Once this done, the person is all set to play rummy online on Khelplay Rummy.

Get Them Acquainted with Rummy Terminology Used in Khelplay Rummy App

If your friends already know rummy, it will be easy to get your friends acquainted with the rummy terminology on the app. If they have never played rummy before, you may have to start right from scratch. Here are some of the important terms related to rummy card games that you need to explain to your friends:

Sequence: The sequence is an arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values. The smallest sequence you can make in rummy is of three cards.

Meld: Set or meld is an arrangement of cards of same values but different signs. For instance, a meld can be made by combining 5 of hearts, 5 of spades and 5 of clubs together.

Joker: This is a card that can be used instead of any other card in a meld or a sequence to complete it. Melds can be used anywhere except in pure sequences.

Pure Sequence: Pure sequence is a sequence that does not use any jokers for its completion.

Real Sequence: An artificial or real sequence is an arrangement of cards is ascending or descending order of their values. These sequences may use joker cards for their completion.

Dealer: The player distributing the cards to each player is referred to as the dealer.

Open Card: The dealer leaves the topmost card of the deck open. This card is referred to as the open card. The first player has the liberty to choose between the open card or the topmost card on the deck during his first move.

Discarded Pile: Each time a player picks a card from the deck, he has to discard a card from his hand. The cards discarded by each player during their turns together form the discarded pile.

Pulled-out Joker: The player next to the dealer randomly pulls a card from the deck at the start of the game. This card is referred to as a pulled-out joker. It can be used just like the joker cards. For example, if the player pulls a 2 of hearts, then all the 2s in the deck are pulled-out jokers.

Life: Life is the minimum arrangement of cards upto which a player’s hand is regarded as a full hand. The definition of life may vary based on the Indian rummy variation you are playing. In the standard 13 cards rummy game, a pure sequence and a real sequence are together termed as life.

Full Hand: When a player doesnot complete his life while the opponent finishes, his hand is regarded as a full hand. 

Share a Few Rummy Tutorial Videos to Help Them Get a Better Idea

Just explaining to your friends, the rummy terminology, may not be enough. They would require a demo so that they understand better. This can best be done by sharing with them some rummy tutorial videos. The videos will provide them with proper insights on how to play rummy card games. Videos also allow the viewers the liberty to pause and view parts they don’t grasp.

Help Your Friends Understand the Difference Between Cash Gaming and Practice Gaming

Some of your friends may have strong negative views about cash gaming. This is the reason why you need to explain cash gaming and practice gaming options clearly to your friends. You also need to make them understand that both forms of online rummy gaming are completely legal. This might alter their views a bit. They may also consider participating in a few cash rummy tournaments on Khelplay Rummy.

Help Them Know All About Rummy Tournaments

Help your friends understand all about rummy tournaments held on Khelplay Rummy. Explain how they can be a part of these tournaments. Help them know that there are new rummy tournaments on Khelplay Rummy each season. Help them understand the difference between practice chips and real chips.

Answer Any Queries That Arise in the Minds of Friends

Last but not the least, answer queries that pop up in the minds of your friends. Do not laugh at their doubts but instead resolve these queries. Be willing to answer all questions. If just answering the question does not help, show them how the moves are played on your smartphone.

Once you introduce your friends to Khelplay Rummy, it may take some weeks before they master the art of playing rummy on their smartphones. Once they are familiar, you can enjoy endless rummy card game sessions with your friends on your smartphone device.