Increase the beauty of your house with polished plaster


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Polished plaster is a term used for certain type of plasters that give your walls a polished effect. It is also used to describe traditional venetian plaster. The quality of the venetian plaster has been upgraded over the period of time. This term covers a wide range of plaster finishes that are used for decorative purposes. It contains high quality venetian plasters and marmorino plasters. It is generally used for decorating the interior of both commercial and domestic premises. Upon completion they give different effects like limestone, marble, travertine, etc. It is the most trusted commodity for beautifying homes and offices. Venetian plasters can be tinted with the help of synthetic or natural colours. Evoke Polished Plaster is one of the company that deals in polished plasters. Visit the site for more information.

What is a lime concrete?

It is one of the trendiest type of plaster finishes. To create this type of effect concrete polished plaster is used. It gives your walls and ceiling a modern and stylish effect. The craftsman can keep the finishes rough or smooth as per the requirement. It can be applied seamlessly on the walls and ceilings. The roughness or the smoothness of lime concrete finish depends on the trowelling of the finish.

Different types of venetian plaster finishes

  • Textured: If you wish to decorate your walls with unique finishes along with different styles than textured plasters are the best choice. Different styles of textured plasters include dragged, pitted and travertine.
  • Marmorino: It is popular stucco decoration for walls. It is one of the most popular type plaster finishes. It is both antibacterial and waterproof which increases its popularity manifold.
  • Lucidato: It is the most prestigious form of venetian plaster finishes. It is used to create unique and gorgeous marble effects.