Removals and additional associated services in Sydney


There are professional removal companies which have not limited their services to just packing and moving goods. Such companies also offer many other associated services such as storage and assistance in relocation. Thus, you get access to many types of services through a single company. Nuss Removals operating out of Sydney is one such removalist.

Looking for movers in Sydney? Look no further than Nuss. The below-mentioned points will spell out the reasons for this assertion.

A complete suite of removal services

Nuss has got the necessary infrastructure and workers to pack and transport goods both within and around Sydney and other locations in Australia. Thus, both local and interstate removals are covered. Furthermore, the company collaborates with removalistsabroad to accomplish international removals. Goods are shipped to foreign countries using ships or aeroplanes accompanied by all the valid documents to pass customs scrutiny. The company deploys international removal experts to guide the clients through the entire process of international removals.

Apart from conventional home and office items, removal services are also provided for vehicles and pets. Nuss has contacts with car transport companies that enable it to deliver family cars, bikes, and other vehicles through long distances. All kinds of vehicle carriers are made available for car transport. International vehicle transport is also offered, which is much more complex but managed correctly by the international removal experts. Pet transport is offered with the assistance of premier animal transport companies. The best shipping crates are used, and other measures to ensure the pets’ safety are implemented. Both interstate and overseas transport of pets are carried out while complying with all animal shipping rules and regulations.

Cleaning service for the home or office after the removal of the goods is also offered. Arrangements can also be made on demand for electrician or handyman.

Storage service

Storage facilities are provided for both long and short periods of time. Storage service can be utilised to keep your goods safe and secure while travelling overseas, renovating your house or office or cannot take possession of the goods immediately after relocating. The goods are put inside wooden or steel containers before placing them in the warehouse. The number of containers required is determined as per the volume and types of goods to be stored. Special vehicles transport the storage containers to the warehouse. The containers are numbered, tagged, and labelled to ensure that workers can pinpoint the correct containers at retrieval time. The storage facilities have adequate security against thefts and are also protected against fire, rain and pests.

Relocation services

Nuss Removals works with experts to provide visa and immigration assistance for people wanting to come to Australia. Expert guidance and help are provided to secure work visas, visitor visas, business visas, and other Australian visas.

A relocation package is offered to clients moving to another place within Australia or a foreign country. This package includes the home search and city orientation. The city’s local agents help find a house for rent on sale and handle the negotiations. Assistance is also provided for renting furniture or appliances. City orientation includes guidance concerning local amenities, school selection, healthcare, recreation and other aspects.