Summer Waves Pool Pump Not Working


A pool pump is one of the most crucial things for your pool we can say. Because, without a pool cleaner pump, your pool will be a bag of dust and derbies within a couple of days. In our consideration, Your pool pump is kind of the heart for your pool’s existence. A pool pump is a thing that helps to keep the pool water moving and keeping it clean from specks of dust and derbies. To sum up, if your pool pump is not satisfied, you will not be able to stay happy.

There is a varieties kind of problems that you may face with your pool cleaner pump. They are the following- your pump is not turning on, your pump runs but it is not pumping, Your pump has a leakage problem, Pump is making a loud noise, Your pumps suck air instead of water, pump basket fill up problem, and many more. Here we will show you how to solve out all of those problems and keep your pool clean with a healthy pump.

The 3 Ways Of Troubleshooting Summer Waves Pool Pump

As we have mentioned above, there are various reasons behind your Summer Waves Pool Pump Not Working. According to your problem, you will have to find out the solution for fixing your pool pump. Go for the summer waves pool reviews for getting more instructions on usage. Below we will discuss the problems and sort outs for all those problems regarding your pool cleaner pump.

  1. Pump Is Not Turning On

If your pump is not starting or turning off a while after starting, then you can say this is an issue. This may happen because of any sort of eclectic supply problem. Suppose, this may happen because of loss of connection, bad capacitor, or voltage overload problem, etc. Moreover, a jammed motor can also cause this issue instead. Let’s look at the solutions to this problem.


Observe all the things closely to sort out the exact problem. Check out the blown fuses from the breaker box. If the box or fuse is okay, then look for all the connectivity issues, if they are all okay or not. If your motor goes to excess hearting after the starting period, then it may be an overload issue. Be sure to check all the wires and the voltages connected with it.

Lastly, if your problems are not related to any type of electric connections, then this may be any sort of motor issues. Your motor may have become jammed with the bags of dust and derbies inside. If it is jammed, then you may have to bring new elements, parts and call for a professional to fix it.

  1. Pump is running, but not pumping

If you are abandoned in this stage, then this may happen because of something that may have stuck inside the pipelines or in the suction line. In short, it has issues with the thing called prime. This issue means that too many obstacles have stoked in the pool filter or there is excess air getting into the plumbing system.


If you found any air in the flow system, then this may get into two sides, from the skimmer because of low pool water level and something like leaked o-ring may clog the water from coming in. If you have a low swimming pool level, then you can easily fix this up by increasing pool water level. Or if you have found derbies in it, then you have to unplug the hose and clean it, and then reseal it again.

If all the things didn’t fix the issue, go and check out the o-ring then from the pump housing. The o-ring usually creates a round shape that forms a seal at the connecting place of the pipes. After fixing all the things, make sure to check the impeller for any sort of clogging.

  1. If The Pump Is Leaking

If you have leaking issues in your pump, then this may happen for a pressure leak from the side area. Moreover, the O-ring problem from the impeller is also an issue, a bad shaft seal or bad thread sealant can also cause it.


If you face this issue, then you can go for the mentioned parts of the above paragraph. Check all the mentioned parts and look if theft has something or not. If they have problems, then you may have to replace these parts, they are super cheap to replace.

Final Words

If you are acquainted with what sort of problems your pool cleaner pump has, it is super easy to solve the issue within a short span of time. You may have faced a lot of problems with your pool cleaner pump and for the proper source of information, you may have suffered a lot.

If your pool pump is a solid and best-performing pool cleaner pump, it would be supposed to provide you smooth services for up to 8 to 10 years without issues. If your pool has reached the limit line age, then look for a new one. Other than that, take your pump operating as frequently as possible to save it from minor and resulting in upcoming major issues.