3 Ways In Which Promotional Product Marketing Can Beat Online Marketing!


In today’s world of technology, companies are blindly resorting to the new idea of online marketing.  Since there is cut-throat competition in online marketing, it’s important to invest in an effective strategy. And, promotional products marketing is that sustainable strategy that can successfully elevate your brand’s image. 

So here’s how promotional product marketing strategy can beat online marketing:

  • Cost: Every business aims at getting maximum benefit with minimum investment. Where online marketing’s cost depends on a number of factors such as type of media, target audience, the platform of the online ads, click through rates and what not, the promotional product marketing simply depends on the price that you pay for buying and distributing these items. Also, when you order corporate gifts or other personalized accessories in bulk; you can enjoy economies of scale.  
  • Brand Building: Do you remember which advertisement popped up on your phone just an hour before? Do you read all the promotional emails that come to your inbox? Obviously, No! So how can you expect your customers or business partners to do so? They say ‘higher the visibility, the stronger is your brand image. Since online marketing doesn’t guarantee instant results, promotional product strategy definitely does. Gifting promotional products will remind the customer regularly about your brand, which will eventually lead to brand popularity.
  • Return On Investment: An online advertisement will air on the Internet for a limited period. Also, you don’t even know whether your target audience is even noticing it or not. This means you may or may not get the desired results as nothing is definite. However, this is not the case when you choose the promotional product strategy for your business. Studies show that 89 percent of the customers tend to do business with those who offer them freebies or utility-based products. Gifting high-quality products such as personalized bags, mugs, tumblers, and power banks will emotionally connect customers with your brand. And, emotionally connected customers will preach your brand religiously, in a way, creating a positive brand impression on others. 

Small investments like promo products can make a big difference to your business. Even if a simple Personalized Balloons theme idea, it has mileage and can improve brand awareness and enhance visibility. So, it’s time to take the wise decision and add promotional products in your marketing strategy. For an exciting range of such products, you can explore Concept Plus today to create a memorable brand experience.