Botswana Safari Tips & Advice


The southern African country of Botswana is a mixture of delta, desert and diamond mines. Standing head and shoulders above many of its neighbours, it is one of the richest and most stable countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and has all the ingredients of an amazing safari, blood red sunset, abundant wildlife and sufficient wide open areas to bring an agoraphobic out in warm sweat.

Botswana can be pricey and difficult get around but, thanks to some admirable responsible tourism practices and holiday to Botswana, you can experience very old rock art, captivating boat tours and game viewing minus the crowds.

When to go to Botswana

Winter (May-August) is the dry season with mild temperature of approximately 25 C,  sunshine and almost no rainfall. Animals congregate around watering holes at this time making for a remarkable game viewing.

Summer (November-March) is warm with temperatures of up to 40C, rain, cloud, and muddy roads. Of these months February and January are the wettest and view some heavy downpours. The rainy season attracts lots of birds to the delta.

April and May are best months to visit weather-wise. Between May and November big numbers of animal migrate towards the Okavango Delta and in December and November it is calving season, providing sufficient chance to view animal mums with their babies. So book your cheap flights to Botswana during these months.

Getting around in Botswana

There are a big range internal flights on charter flights and scheduled airlines which run from Maun and drop visitors at different safari camps. Both types of air travel are reliable.

There is a train service. Hitchhiking can permit you get from town to town but in the back and beyond, mainly if you are hoping to move from park to park, sticking your thumb out in a lost cause.

The key towns are attached by regular and cheap bus network with bus tickets in Botswana or bus from Gaborone to Johannesburg.  Little minibuses reach their place faster than the traditional buses both are equally as rowdy.

Botswana accommodation

There is no lack of swanky safari lodges, mixed price hotels, wilderness camps, and budget guesthouses. Safari accommodation and tented camps change from lovingly designed luxury lodges to easy eco-chic abodes. Most have flushing toilets, warm water and other amenities.  Hotels are generally relax both unlikely to leave a lasting impression.

Many national parks have special campsites. If you cannot find an organised campsite, ask domestic landowners if you can spend a night or 2 on their land. Make sure you are securely encased in a tent or vehicle as not offer the wildlife with a midnight snack.