Get To Know the Things Attracting Stink Bugs to Your Houston Home


You probably have noticed an increase in the number of stink bugs within and around your house. You are not alone. Early fall is peak activity time for these pests when they are on the prowl for a suitable gathering spot to maximize their annoyance factor (often while releasing an unpleasant odor). Some stink bug species are more prevalent than others; in the United States, brown marmorated stink bugs are widespread. Their backs are covered in a marbled pattern and have a form resembling a shield. Even though they pose no danger to humans or animals, they can be a real pain in the back you people who cultivate their own food and have a kitchen garden. Herbivorous stink bugs can do significant harm to vegetation while foraging. So what are stink bugs and what is attracting the stink bugs to your home? Here is a presentation of the things attracting stink bugs to your house.

Things Attracting Stink Bugs to Your Home

Commonly known as shield bugs, stink bugs are a problem to many home and garden owners Among the many things that attract stink bugs are the following:

The presence of artificial light, such as that from a porch light or a window, attracts stink bugs, which are often seen in the area around these light sources in the evening.

It’s important to keep stink bugs away from your garden since they eat many different types of food, including fruits, plants, vegetables, and even ornamental plants. They have a strong preference for peppers, tomatoes, and soybeans.

Stink bugs secrete pheromones to converse and attract a mate. Other stink bugs may follow the trail of these pheromones from considerable distances.

Like many other insects, stink bugs seek shelter from the cold in attics, buildings, and walls during winter. They are drawn to the warmth of these buildings.

Fields, gardens, and lawns are great spots for stink bugs because of the abundance of moisture there.

Light-colored surfaces, such as those seen on white buildings and walls, attract stink bugs. They feel cold, so they go toward lighter hues, which represent the warmth they’re craving.

The vibrations caused by human movement, such as walking or jogging, can attract stink bugs. This is why they are commonly seen on the building sides or on porches, where plenty of foot traffic can be expected.

Stink bugs may be drawn to particular conditions but don’t knowingly seek out human dwellings. They are merely looking for basic requirements like food and shelter. Sealing the holes around your home’s doors, windows, and other points of entry will greatly minimize the number of stink bugs you encounter.

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