The Essential Options for the best Math Strategies for Sports Betting



Mathematics at the elementary school level, no flaws are visible, double the stakes and collect money. Because of this, it is very popular, people willingly use it and advise friends. It is advertised even by casinos and bookmakers. This alone should raise doubts: the casino will never advise a method that actually helps to beat it. But everything looks so convincing that people let themselves be deceived. When it comes to the 토토검증사이트 site bets, then also you can make use of the same.

To make sure that the martingale method is unprofitable, take a look under the hood

We continue to bet on a draw in football. The main problem is that sooner or later such a long series without draws falls out that there will not be enough money for the next bet. This is not so rare. For example, the Swiss football club Schaffhausen played 32 games without a draw in a row, and the Banner of Labor from the second division 26. At the time of writing, ten teams have already played more than 20 games without draws in a row this season.

  • But we have enough and nine matches without a draw. For simplicity of calculations, imagine that the chances for each result are the same: 33% for the victory of one team, 33% for the victory of another team and 33% for a draw. Here is the math of the martingale method.
  • If we started with 1000 R and lost eight games in a row, we’ll have to put a quarter of a million on the ninth, otherwise the previous bets will not pay off. To do this, we must have more than half a million on the game, taking into account previous bets. But even if we have so much, still 3% remains that we will lose for the ninth time.

It seems that 3% is very small. But this is not enough only if you make one bet and tie it. If you play constantly, then from time to time any, even the most unlikely events will occur. The probability of losing 3% does not mean that it is almost impossible to lose. This means that in one of thirty-three cases we will lose.

The Continuation

To continue the game after the ninth loss, we will need a million. In one of the fifty cases, we will have to shell out two million, and in one of a hundred there will not be enough of them. If we start a new series every day, then on average once a quarter for a game we don’t have enough 2,000,000 $.

Using the martingale method, you can stay in the black for quite some time and even begin to believe that you are doing everything right. But sooner or later, probability theory is catching up.