2019 Car Hire Tips


Hiring a car can be a budget-friendly and efficient way to get around, particularly if you’re gearing up for a long journey or heading off on holiday. If you’re planning to lease a vehicle this year, check out these top tips for hassle-free car hire…

  1. Choose the right vehicle

When you’re selecting which type of vehicle to hire, make sure you take all your requirements into account. You may assume a small or compact car will be fine, but will it be big enough to transport all of your luggage, as well as passengers? Similarly, if you’re planning on driving long distances, having a bit of extra room might be advantageous.

  1. Do your research

Before you make a booking, take a look at reputable car hire firms online. With a quick search, you can access all the information you need from sites, such as https://www.henfield-hire.com/. By taking a look at the range of vehicles available, as well as the packages on offer, you can ensure you get a deal that’s right for you.

  1. Check your insurance

It’s illegal to drive without insurance, so it’s vital that you check the car hire company’s insurance setup. Some vehicle hire firms include insurance in the hire price, and others don’t. In addition to this, some car hire firms may allow you to make your own insurance arrangements. However, a vehicle hire company won’t allow you to take the car until they’ve seen proof that you’re insured, so bear this in mind if you’re planning to insure a hire car yourself.

  1. Consider your destination

You may be familiar with UK road laws and requirements, but if you’re travelling abroad in a hire car, you’ll need to know the rules at your destination too. In some other countries, taking out extra insurance is practically essential, because the standard car hire insurance policies have relatively low payout amounts.

  1. Decide which features you need

Choosing the size of the vehicle isn’t the only consideration when it comes to hiring a car. Don’t assume that your hire car will come with all the extras you expect, such as air conditioning, parking sensors or a dashcam. Instead, decide which features you really want and discuss this with your car hire firm before you confirm your booking.

  1. Check the car over

Before you take the keys, ask to see the vehicle you’re being leased. Extra fees can be charged if you return the vehicle with any damage, so you’ll want to ensure that there aren’t any existing scratches or dents on it. If there are, be sure to take photos and notify the relevant member of staff before you set off.

  1. Get roadside assistance

If a mechanical problem arises, your car hire firm may have rules regarding who can carry out work on the vehicle. Check with roadside assistance and recovery are included in the car hire price, and ensure you have the relevant contact details with you at all times.