3 Simple Tips When Ordering A Custom-Made Cake Online


Making your celebration more special and unforgettable isn’t that difficult when there’s a call for a cake! With hundreds of cake ideas that appear on daily social media feeds, be it Facebook or Instagram, there are crazy loads of possibilities for creativity and customising your desired cake beyond the supermarket shelves.

With a birthday cake shop in Singapore ready to assist you, here are a few simple and fun things to follow for a custom cake for your most special event!

Be realistic with your budget.

If you’re pretty much inexperienced in ordering a cake and have very little knowledge about cake pricing, it’s difficult to use supermarket cakes as a benchmark. If you’re planning for a customised cake for your special occasion, the best thing you can do is to visit an online cake shop in Singapore and ask what they can do with your budget range.

Don’t expect an immediate result.

A well-baked and well-designed cake requires a lot of planning and time, especially if it’s a custom-made one. Since customised cakes contain unique details and a personalised look, you should contact and make arrangements with your preferred baker or bakeshop weeks or even months prior. If you plan to order a birthday cake online in Singapore, make sure to plan things and communicate with your baker ahead of time, as personalised cakes tend to take quite some time.

Provide more information/details as much as possible.

The details matter a lot whether you’re planning for a custom birthday or a wedding anniversary cake in Singapore. Details like the cake size (based on the guest number), designs, colour, flavour, frosting, etc., help your baker bring your ideal cake to fruition! To increase the success of having a personalised cake, make sure to provide the complete details to your baker.

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