5 Benefits Of Getting Botox


We often hear about botox being injected into Hollywood celebrities to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. We may have even tried botox ourselves to get rid of small frown lines which are constantly causing us grief. However, did you know Botox can be used for many other things?

1) Botox reduces age spots

Have you noticed age spots appearing on your skin? These areas are the brown blemishes that appear when our skin loses its pigmentation over time. It’s a natural part of getting older but why not try botox if you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment? The effects should last around 6 months.

2) Botox eliminates underarm sweat

Botox injections are being used to treat the millions of people who suffer from excessively sweaty underarms. It’s not a condition that is taken seriously by most doctors, but botox has been shown to be successful in reducing excessive sweat for up to 6 months in some cases.

3) Botox reduces glabellar lines (frown lines between the eyebrows)

Maybe you’ve noticed frown lines developing between your eyebrows. These “11s” can stay with us forever if we don’t take action against them. Luckily botox has been proven to reduce these annoying glabellar lines for around 9-12 months before they reappear.

4) Botox treats severe migraines

The treatment helps patients suffering from severe daily migraines. The botox treatment lasts a total of 3 months and while it doesn’t cure the migraines, it can reduce its intensity for that time period.

5) Botox reduces hand tremors

Have you been noticing your hands trembling when reaching for a glass of water? Or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to hold a pen or pencil still. In both cases, botox injections can be used to treat the condition, with 60% reporting positive results in one study. The botox will last around 2-6 months depending on which muscle group is treated.


So, there you have it, botox has more benefits than just cosmetics. It can help reduce age spots, underarm sweat, glabellar lines, migraines, and hand tremors. If it’s something you’re considering for yourself or a family member who suffers from one of these issues botox is certainly worth exploring as an option.