Automating MS SQL to MySQL database migration


When database specialist plansa database migration, his main goals are to guaranty sufficient performance and reliability of the resulting database, to avoid data loss or corruption and to reduce the system downtime. Considering SQL Server to MySQL database migration there are some special software tools to simplify and automate this procedure within just a few buttons clicks. These tools can migrate all primary database objects from SQL Server or Azure SQL to MySQL and its forks such as MariaDB and Percona providing accurate processing of data and required attributes (null flag, default values, etc).

There is set of basic features that must exist in advanced SQL Server to MySQL database migration tool:

  • Work on modern systems such as Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • Support all versions of MS SQL including Azure SQL and MySQL including forks and SAAS variations
  • Migrates table definitions, data, indexes, constraints, views
  • Merge and synchronize existing MySQL database with MS SQL data
  • Option to specify MySQL table engine(ISAM, MyISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB)
  • Option to specify codepage of the target database
  • Command line support for automating and scheduling

One of tools having all capabilities listed above is MS SQL to MySQL converter developed by Intelligent Converters. This software vendor is focused on database migration and synchronization projects for more than twenty years. Their database converter also offers some useful advantages:

  1. When there is no remote connection to the target MySQL server, MS SQL to MySQL converter can migrate the source data into script file. Following this way, SQL Server data is migrated into local script containing statements to create tables, indexes and constraints and insert the data. Database administratorcould import the resulting script file into MySQL database using the standard tools like phpMyAdmin or command line client.
  2. Some migration projects require to migrate partial data or merge data from multiple tables. For these purposes MSSQL to MySQL converter offers feature to convert rowset that is result of running SELECT-queryagainst the source database
  3. If migrationproject requires modification of the resulting database, MS SQL to MySQL converter offers “edit table” feature. This feature allows to change name, type and other attributesof any MS SQL column as well as exclude some columns from migration.

MS SQL to MySQL converter implements reading and writing databases via high performance low-level libraries to guarantee best performance of the migration. The official vendor’s benchmark is approximately 20000 rows per second on a modern hardware platform.

Intelligent Converters offer free demo version of the product with limited features for evaluation purposes: it migrates not more than fifty rows per table and does not migrate foreign keys.