Choosing the Perfect Closet Doors  


With so many closet doors on the market, including mirror closet doors, it can be overwhelming to choose which one is the best fit.

Mirror Closet Doors: Mirror closet doors are a great choice for those who want a full-length mirror in the bedroom. These doors will usually have an aluminum frame. These doors can complement a contemporary interior design, as well as make the door appear larger. If mirror closet doors swing outward, then you have to be careful about putting furniture away from the door. These doors will collect less dust than other ones. These doors can be more expensive than other options.

Bifold Doors: These doors can come as two- or four-panel designs. These panels are connected by using hinges. Doors come in a variety of sizes, but the most common sizes are between four and six feet. These doors do take up less space than regular swinging doors when they are opened. These doors are also easy to install and are lightweight. Bifolds will come with a moderate price tag. These doors don’t open completely so the size of the closet can be reduced and it can hinder the access to items in the closet. Doors may require some maintenance because they aren’t as durable. They may also move out of position so they could need adjustment from time to time.

Double Doors: Double doors can be a good choice if you have large openings. Construction is simple and there are two swinging doors that meet in the middle. Each door can have a separate latch so you can open one without touching the other. Doors can match the design of other doors currently in the house so you can create the perfect décor. The structure of these doors is simple and doors will last a lot longer than other options. These doors do take up more space than other choices because they swing out into the room. If you want to add mirrors or glass you aren’t able to, and there is a limited amount of materials that can be used to make double doors.

Pocket Doors: These siding doors slide into a spot in the wall when opened, so they are great for small rooms. They save plenty of space since they don’t swing open. Doors look neat and still provide easy access to the closet. These doors can be harder to install since they do require a special opening.

Bypass Doors: This is a common design for closet doors. There are two standard panels that are suspended from rails and one passes in front of the other. These doors can save space since they aren’t swinging out and can be made out of a variety of materials. Doors are durable, although sometimes they may slide off rails and need adjustment.