Choosing the Right Logo Pen


From writing down grocery lists to writing checks, there is a good chance that you will need a pen in hand throughout the day. Of course, a good pen is the one that does not clump up while scribbling or spring leaks in your purse or pants pocket. 

People want their pen to be comfortable to hold, works well, and conveniently for scribbling projects to come. With tons of options to choose from, how do people pick the perfect pen to help them promote their brand? What should they consider before they buy one? Let us take a closer look at logo pens.

Why advertise with logo pens?

These things are perfect writing items to use as promotional products since they are useful, get passed around a lot, and pretty affordable. Aside from being a mobile billboard, these things can be pretty unique or have various uses. Whether individuals want to hand out professional pens, quirky, memorable ones, or sleek, individuals are sure to find a good and useful pen.

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Choose the right style

Individuals do not have to settle for any pen. People can find one that matches their brand’s profession or personality. They can even pick a range of multi-purpose ballpoints that will stand out to their target market.

Ordinary versus professional

These things are used almost every day, but some ballpoints look more professional compared to others. The one that people choose depends on their target market. Are they handing out writing items to new customers or to a new business partner? It is very important to keep the customer in mind when choosing a scribbling device.

People have four choices:


Good-quality writing devices are made from metals like brass and aluminum or even leather. These things will most likely be used during essential contract signings like buying a house or during business meetings. 


These things are very simple in design. It can be found behind an individual’s ear or attached to notebooks. People can expect this kind of ballpoint to be used almost every day and by anyone.

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Memorable or unique

Writing ballpoints are a very popular giveaway thing. Try to stand out by choosing an unforgettable device. There are ballpoints shaped like syringes, corn on the cob, paintbrushes, even devices with hair.

Eco-friendly or digital

Following hypes is never a bad thing. Digital devices, as well as being environmentally friendly, is not going to disappear anytime soon. When finding a good writing device, companies can decide whether the target market will appreciate recycled pens or find uses in devices equipped with a stylus.

What should people know before they purchase custom pens?

When it comes to choosing promotional items, there are a couple of things individuals need to know before they finalize their purchase.

Budget – These things have various prices that can fit any budget. However, be careful of poor-quality items. Sometimes individuals get what they pay for.

Time frame – How quickly do individuals need these items? They might also want to keep their choices pretty simple and stay clear of complicated designs because they might take longer to process.

Minimum quantities – Since these things are affordable and small, their minimum quantities are usually a lot higher compared to other products. Fortunately, every logo pen is going to have various minimums, and individuals can search by the quantity they need.

Features – With more or less a thousand different designs to choose from, people need to filter what they are looking for depending on their features. They can find devices based on ink color, price, or material.

Type – There are six different types, including highlighters and markers. Each kind is going to have various writing styles. Ballpoints work best for fast or quick writing, whereas fountains have thinner ink that can easily smear. People can find sleek and smooth leather ballpoints for their clients or memorable giveaways that customers or clients will love. Overall, companies will want to choose an option that meets their budget, arrives on time with the needed amount needed, as well as the features they want.

The bottom line

From promotional events to trade show giveaways, these things are an excellent choice to help companies promote their brand. They are inexpensive, functional, and customizable items that can be used anywhere and anytime.