First aid in case of electric shock


According to Erste-Hilfe Kurs München Hauptbahnhof if a person comes into contact with electric parts, you must remove him or her quickly from the electric current. It is life-threatening to touch a live person. Therefore, you must quickly disconnect the part of the installation that the person is touching. To free the victim from the wire, you should use dry clothes, a board, or some other object that does not conduct electricity or take hold of his clothes (if they are dry), avoiding touching metal objects and exposed parts of the body.

First aid for electric injury

Erste Hilfe führerschein teaches that it is necessary to:

  1. Lay the victim on his or her back on a hard surface;
  2. Check that the victim is breathing (by lifting the chest, fogging the mirror, etc.);
  3. Check for a pulse on the radial side at the wrist or on the carotid artery on the anterolateral surface of the neck;
  4. Find out the state of the pupil, a wide pupil indicates a sharp deterioration of the blood supply to the brain;
  5. Call a doctor in all cases.

If the victim is conscious after fainting, he should be placed in a comfortable position, covered with clothing, provide complete rest, continuously monitoring breathing and pulse.

Erste Hilfe Kurs münchen kostenlos says that if the victim is unconscious but breathes and has a steady pulse, he should be lying down flat and comfortably, unbutton his clothes, get some fresh air, put a cotton ball with ammonia to his nose, splash his face with water and ensure complete rest.

If there are no signs of life, the victim should not be considered dead, as death can be apparent. Artificial respiration should be performed continuously until the doctor arrives.