Top Rated Things to Do In Scandinavia and Croatia


Planning a trip to Europe? We have got you covered with two major locations you ought to visit during your trip. Find out all the things you can do here:


Swim in the hot springs

During winters majority of the region in inaccessible as it is hidden beneath the layers of ice and snow which makes summers the only time when these hot springs in Scandinavia Group Tours can be enjoyed. Landmannalaugur in Iceland is a great place to experience these hot springs. The other options for diving into the Scandinavian water include Denmark’s 6000 km coastline with sandy beaches, Amager Beach Park in Copenhagen for a family-friendly outing and the Lake District in Finland for swimming and kayaking.

Attend the festivals in Scandinavia

During summers, the Malmao festival is Sweden, the Roskilde festival in Denmark and the Jazz festival in Oslo are some renowned festivals around the world. Attending these festivals will help you taste the local life of Scandinavia. Experience concerts, street art and much more! Scandinavia group tours are perfect to fill your heart with joy and excitement.

Make the islands your playgrounds

With thousands of islands just next to one another, you can always opt for island hoping here. Every single island serves a different sight of heaven which you can experience by hiking, swimming or kayaking through it.

Go on a photography tour

As you go deeper into to northern Scandinavia during winters, you’ll of course witness the spectacular vision of the Scandinavia Northern Lights but there is much more in store for you. You can head further north to the Svalbard archipelago where you might just encounter a polar bear in the wild. The route here serves multiple landscapes that are beyond your memory’s capacity to store. Make sure you breathe in every sight and take your time to get that perfect shot. We warn you, the waterfalls cascading down the ice walls might make you want to put up a tent there forever.

Discover the wild through a safari

You might not have guessed but it’s true, Scandinavia surprisingly has abundant of wildlife. The forests and plains are easily accessible. Look out for some moose, reindeers or some even more wild creatures if you are travelling to Finland, Sweden or Norway. In case you are up for some real adventure, plan an overnight camp in a hide to spot some wolverines or brown bears.


Go cliff jumping

Head to the southern tip of Istra to the GaleboveStijene beach which is a home to some of the most magnificent cliffs from where you can jump into crystal clear water! If you are not so gutsy to take the big leap, just a visit there is still worth it to watch others jumping down with the amazing view. Some of the cliffs even have caves below it which you can go ahead and explore. The water is great for snorkeling too. Croatia Holidays from India is best thing to do when you are looking to sign up for exciting adventures.

Taste the locally crafted beer

What better idea to spend your evening than to sit in a beer garden and taste different locally produced beers as you watch the beautiful sunset? At Zagreb, the locals love their beer which is made in their microbrewery.

Watch the almost-never-ending sunset

Ever wondered why the sun sets so quickly and why the beautiful hues it creates vanish so fast? Well, Istrain peninsula‘s Rovinj is one such place where you can experience an endless sunset. The sun somehow lingers in the sky for a longer period than anywhere else. The sight is perfect to spend a romantic evening with your loved one as you enjoy a drink by the sea on the cool sand. You can even join a sunset cruise to experience the view at its best.