What is a jungle scout estimator tool?


The best platform for discovering, launching, and selling products on Amazon and elsewhere is called Jungle Scout. It may seem a little intimidating to grasp Jungle Scout’s numerous features and capabilities. However, Jungle Scout can help you and your company every step of the way regardless of where you are in your Amazon selling adventure.

Sellers may view their company’s performance in real time without having to traverse Sales Analytics or Seller Central. Numerous materials on how to use each of Jungle Scout’s products, keep up with Amazon news, sign up for webinars, and much more can be found on the Home Dashboard. You should know about jungle scout estimator tool to earn high profits. 

Obtain an overview of your company’s performance.

Sellers may now quickly check their business’s performance throughout the previous week using Jungle Scout’s Home Dashboard. With the new sales widgets, sellers can view high-level indicators like total sales, total profit, units sold, ROI, net margin, and average sales price as soon as they log in. Even the effectiveness of PPC advertisements can be monitored

You can choose one or more product categories using the category filter to see what kinds of related products are available on Amazon. You can choose however many you want! Let’s pick “Sports & Outdoors” and “Toys and Games” for this example. Be aware that your search can return hundreds of results, which might be difficult to sort through. Search through one to two categories at once to make this manageable.

Find your first item using Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout was initially created to handle product research, and we are still the best at it today. To find your first private label product or your next bestseller, use Jungle Scout’s sophisticated product research tools. The majority of new users that visit Jungle Scout are looking for a valuable product to sell on Amazon FBA. So that you may start your study as quickly as possible, let’s go over how to use our Product Database tool. 475 million products have been taken directly from Amazon into the searchable Product Database. This makes it possible for sellers to find goods that satisfy their search criteria. When looking for profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA, using the product database is a wonderful place to start.

The navigation menu appears on the left side of your screen when you are logged into Jungle Scout on a desktop. You can access all of Jungle Scout’s features from here. Click “Product Database” from the drop-down box for “Product Research.” You’re now using the Product Database tool. You can start looking for product opportunities right here. By choosing the product categories you’re interested in, you may narrow down your search by using criteria like price range, net price, sales rank, revenue, reviews, and rating. With the help of these filters, you can focus your product search on the categories of goods that will most likely appeal to customers and make you money.