2 High-Quality types of Cutting Tools and their Specific Uses


Cutting tools have wide use across various industries. Based on its name, a cutting tool is used to remove excess material or layers of material as needed. A high-quality and effective cutting tool must be able to cut with the least amount of power efficiently while being able to withstand high temperatures or pressures to maintain its shape and sharpness. 

Here are two types of cutting tools that must be high-quality to perform their purpose:

  1. Milling Cutters. Milling is a process that involves using a cutter to remove objects on the surface of the work area or the metal piece. Milling cutters are used in milling machines and have different kinds, depending on their use. Some are used to get a rough finish on a surface, some are used to cut three-dimensional shapes, while some are used for vertical mill processes and are made of cemented carbide. A different type of milling cutter is used in screw machines, and the sharp teeth can be found inside the hollow of the cutter itself. 
  2. Broaching Tools. A broaching tool is a special type of cutting tool and has multiple cutting teeth across its surface, specifically designed for high-speed cutting in a succession. Depending on the type, broach tools can be used similarly with shaping, milling, or boring cutters. Broaching tools can be considered superior because of the cutting teeth – they can do rough finishes, semi-finish, or finish cuts. This high-quality type of cutting tool is used across different industries such as automotive, firearms, fasteners, and other machines. 

Choosing high-quality types of cutting tools is vital to achieving precision measurements, dimensions, or finishes. When a cutting tool is not made of high-quality materials, it can slow down the industrial process and this can eat away the profits and can even pose a risk for mishaps in the production. With high-quality types of cutting tools, there is less worry about maintenance because they can withstand wear and tear much longer than cheap cutting tools and they keep their shape and hardness even through high pressure and temperature. When high-quality cutting tools are used, production runs smoothly when all parts are moving according to their purpose especially when various tools are involved in the machine. 

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