A Men’s Guide to find a Perfect Belt


Often men miss paying attention when it comes to buying accessories like belts. Most of them simply think the mens leather belt to be a tool rather than a fashion accessory. Whatever kind of men’s belt you use either, it is leather or a mens ratchet belt, you should understand that every accessory in your wardrobe has a crucial role to play when it comes to creating an impact on your overall outfit.

So, if you understand the importance of a belt in your life, here is a way with which you can find the perfect men’s belt, which goes best with your outfits:

Understand The Buckle Mechanism

Men’s belt uses a simple mechanism, a strap that just goes around your waist and buckles to set the tension that you want to hold your trouser in place.  Therefore, you need to check the material of the belt strap and the buckle mechanism. The different buckles use a different mechanism like mens ratchet belt needs no holes for locking, instead use a ratchet lock that maintains the position.

Belts Category

To find the perfect belt for yourself, you need to know about the different categories of belts out there. Here are different categories of the belt that you can buy from the market:

·       Dress Belts

Dress belts are simple men’s leather belts, but what separates them from other leather belts is the use of fine-grain leather on the top and underside.

·       Casual Belts

There are varieties of casual belts that you can find. Casual belts are belts that are 1.5-2 inches wide. The casual belts can come in different colors and styles, so you can always find a casual men’s belt that goes well with your outfit.

·       Reversible Belts

Reversible belts are an interesting add-on to your wardrobe, which increase the versatility. All you need is to twist the belt, and you have a second belt.

Look For Minute Details

You may find a similar-looking men’s belt but different prices. To understand the pricing of the belt, you should look for finer details when you check the belt. For checking the quality of mens leather belts, you can use your fingernail. If the leather is resisting the press, it is old leather that you should avoid. New leather will produce a fine line when your press it with your fingernail. Another thing affecting the price of a belt is the style and construction quality of the belt. Look if the belt has no loose ends and had tight stitching wherever the leather is sewn.