Best Android Free Car Racing Game



If you are reading this post I am very sure that you are a game lover. Not only that you are truly loving the racing cars and bikes as well as racing games. You are correct. The game Asphalt 8 TV Racing Game is one of the best choices for the car and bike race game lovers.

This game is a fantastic racing game that you can play in your leisure time. A very exciting game. you will not get bored or tired while playing the game. Because the game itself looks like a real car and bike race. During this Covid-19 pandemic this is the best game to play to get refreshed by staying in a safer place if you are a race lover.

What this Asphalt 8 Racing Game is?

As mentioned already this is a game which resembles exactly real cars and bikes races. In here you can wait behind the steering wheels of a car or behind the handle of a bike in race. The game enriched with the laws of physics to give you a fantastic experience of racing.

When playing this game, you will feel like you are in a different world. It is really amazing. The feeling of a real race is offered in the best way possible. The sounds are also really amazing. It is surely representing the real sounds of the racing cars and bikes. I am sure than you may love this game if you download it in your Android and start to play.

The appearance of the cars caught my heart much. They are truly attractive. They are luxurious. I actually wanted own such a car. They look a lot like most of our dream cars and motorbikes. The graphics of the game are really outstanding. I am sure other players of this game will also agree with me. Colorful and attractive. The game offers you with 290 different cars and motorbikes to choose from. You will be in a great doubt when selecting the best vehicle for you. because all these vehicles have their unique features making it unable to choose few from a lot.

While playing the game you may face different challenges. You can jump high in the space with your amazing racing car or the bike. You can roll out in the space with airborne features. And many more options are there for you to drive your vehicle to the victory. 2900 decals are there to choose from to make your victory a most amazing one.

In addition to the items mentioned above here you can see around 75 different tracks to choose. Form crowded city tracks to tracks in a village, underground or anywhere you prefer.

You can play the game in offline and online modes. The online mode allows you to play with the other game players from all around the globe. Here you can choose up to 8 players to play together with. That means you can play this game in single player and the multiplayer mode. The cross-play feature is also allowed.

This is an endless game that you can play with your friends also. Have a fantastic experience of racing by downloading this great game in your Android TV too. You can use Filelinked app if your Android TV box does not support play Store services. If you are unable to find Filelinked code for asphalt you can try Aptoide TV app. Aptoide TV app is like Play Store TV app.