Elevate Your Annoyed Girlfriend’s Mood With These Tips At A Restaurant


Food has an important place in human life. It not only gives you energy but also uplifts your mood. For food enthusiast couples, it is one of the ways to create a romantic moment. The restaurant is the best place where you can enjoy food. Along with food, it becomes the best place to enjoy the company of your girlfriend. Those long talks with the best food allow you to have a pleasant time with her.

And if you have minor disputes, you can also choose a restaurant to be with your girlfriend. You can talk to your girlfriend over a cup of coffee and show your love to her.

So once you think about How to end a fight with your girlfriend? (ง้อ แฟน ยัง ไง, which is the term in Thai) Just go to a restaurant and have a word with her.

The following are other ways to end a fight with your girlfriend:

Buy A Cute Gift For Her.

When you meet your girlfriend at a restaurant, ensure to please her with a gift. Do not start directly talking to her on the topic. It may disgust her more. Instead, please give her a gift of her liking and uplift her mood.

Convince Your Girlfriend That You Are Guilty

The best answer to how to end a fight with your girlfriend is to convince her that you are guilty. Girls like honest people. And if you are guilty about a fight with your girlfriend, talk to her about it. She will feel it and understand it as well.

Order Your Girl’s Favourite Food

Good food, as you know, uplifts your mood. And if you order a portion of food you love, it lowers your anger. Hence, order the food your girlfriend likes and ensure she enjoys that.

Say Those Magical Words Convincingly.

One I love you full of feelings will let your girlfriend think about your relationship twice. Along with it, hold your girlfriend’s hand. A charming physical touch may help her to calm down immediately.

Wait Until She Is Calm And Ready To Talk.

Do not start bombarding your thoughts over your girlfriend. Give her some time to calm down, and then resume your conversation. Ensure that you always keep calm while talking to her. If both of you are annoyed, you will not be able to end your fight with her and will complicate it more.