Some Types of Wash Basins You Can Find on the Market


Typically all wash basins consist of only ceramic material because of the strength and durability. But nowadays, stainless steel, acrylic plastic, also used to produce wash basin (กะละมัง, which is the term in Thai). But acrylic wash basins won’t have advantages like ceramic washbasin; only the aesthetic appearance will look different, which ceramic materials don’t offer. Only tabletop washbasin will be made with acrylic material considering its strength issue. Ordinarily, stainless steel is less expensive than the ceramic wash basin and light in weight.

This article tries to cover all the variety of washbasin you can find using design to classify the kind of wash basin while emphasizing on only ceramic wash basins.

Wash Basin with Pedestal:

This model is widely used. It consists of ceramic material only. Washbasin will have a rack bolt hole to fix it to the wall and pedestal will be used to conceal the water drain pipe. So if you are looking for an open area, then you can use this kind of washbasins which will hide the drain pipeline.

Wash Basin with the Pedestal Type

These Washbasins with pedestal is classified into two different types:

  • Wash basin consisting of full pedestal.
  • Washbasin consisting of half pedestal.

Washbasin consisting of the full pedestal will be supported by Floor, and the washbasin will be attached in the wall. Wash basins comprising half pedestal will be fixed in the wall by rack bolt hole with a screw.

Wall Hung Wash Basin Type:

This model comes with a washbasin but no pedestal. Washbasin will be fixed in the wall using a screw. Usually, this type of wash basin will be small in size, considering that high weight washbasin may not hang in the wall by the screw for a long time. So these model washbasins are all always small sized and less in weight.