The Importance Of The Automatic Welding Mask


The welding mask is a protective device with a filter that protects your eyes from the radiation coming from the welding. The light mask (หน้ากาก ปรับ แสง which is the term in thai) is needed to protect your eyes from damage while performing a task.

The Importance Of The Automatic Welding Mask

It is vital because in the welding process it can get to produce an eye injury called arc eye or keratitis, which occurs due to exposure to the brightness of the welding area and the effect of ultraviolet light. Thus, the cornea becomes inflamed, and the retinas can be burned. For this reason, the Occupational Safety Law requires the use of translucent screens or curtains that surround the welding area, which will protect workers from exposure to ultraviolet light. Another of the hazards to which workers are exposed is gases and particles suspended in the air, so it is appropriate to use a protective mask.

Types Of Masks Or Protective Masks

Since the welding processes became more important at the beginning of the 20th century, the requirements for the protection of workers have increased, and one of the most sensitive parts to be damaged by the welding process is the eyes. The first protection masks were formed by the colored glass and was held by the worker leaving other parts exposed as the ears or neck.

During the 60s, and due to the increased use of plastics, the first masks injected with a harness emerged that allowed workers to use both hands. Over time, the costumes have become more critical in the industry, so they have changed their ways to provide further protection to workers, becoming more significant to cover the neck and ears.

In the 80s the first masks with automatic darkening emerged, that is, they have an LCD with the photosensitive capacity to darken automatically. In this way, the worker does not need to remove the mask and interrupt the welding process.

Advantages Of Automatic Welding Masks

  • The operator does not have to regulate anything and therefore, can be concentrated only in the welding process.
  • They are powered by solar cells and two rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • The protection against ultraviolet rays and infrared rays is continuous.
  • They have a lightweight, between 500 and 600 grams, with side windows to detect peripheral risks.