The 3 Main Benefits of Seeking Help from Our Detox Center in Houston


Making the decision to seek help for an addiction is a major accomplishment. While the prospect of detox may seem daunting initially, you have to understand that it is a necessary first step on the road to recovery. If you skip this first step, you won’t have much luck with therapy. Motivating yourself to go through detox and start the recovery process is easier if you have a firm grasp on why it’s so crucial to battling your addiction.

Withdrawal Symptoms Are Uncomfortable

It is not a good idea to go through withdrawal alone. Relapse to drug use in order to prevent withdrawal symptoms is more probable without competent monitoring. Some drugs have long half-lives in the human body, and abruptly stopping their usage may have devastating repercussions. Withdrawal symptoms are common among most drugs. While the specifics of withdrawal from every given drug are unique, there are a few things that are fairly standard throughout most detox methods. Nausea, vomiting, joint pains, irritation, sweating, high blood pressure, and elevated heartbeat rate are some common withdrawal symptoms.

Besides, you are still battling whatever physical or mental health concerns you were attempting to medicate away. You will need support while you learn to manage your issues and the physical and emotional difficulties associated with drug withdrawal. In most cases, this is when assistance from a treatment center for substance abuse becomes necessary.

After detoxification is over, addiction counseling will begin. In this stage, you’ll work with counselors to identify triggers and develop healthier routines and coping mechanisms to overcome your addiction.

Advantages of Getting Help at a Detox Center

Drugs and alcohol detox is the initial step in substance abuse therapy, and detoxification facilities are set up to protect the safety of its patients. The withdrawal symptoms from opioids and alcohol are some of the most dangerous and uncomfortable of any substance, making medical detoxification a requirement.

Once someone develops a tolerance to these medications, their brain begins to expect that feeling of ‘slowing down’ regularly. As the brain slows down, the body releases a flood of neurotransmitters, i.e., serotonin and norepinephrine. Since the human body strives for balance, abruptly quitting substances on which a person has become dependent may send the neurological system into a tailspin as the body seeks to readjust. Treatment facilities for substance abuse have protocols in place to safely and effectively address the unique physiological needs of their patients. 

Here are the 3 benefits of enrolling in a medical detox program:

  • Detoxing in a medical setting is safer.

The staff is experienced and well-equipped to handle the most severe withdrawal symptoms. As opposed to detoxing at home or somewhere that doesn’t specialize in drug detoxification, getting treatment in a detox facility is a lot safer option.

  • At a medical detox facility, medications may be used to alleviate some of the discomforts of detoxification.

Administration of pain relievers and medications to lessen withdrawal symptoms may greatly enhance the quality of care received and the results achieved.

  • Medical detox centers improve long-term outcomes.

The acute cravings and emotional changes that raise the risk of relapse can be dealt with, with the help of the tools provided by detox programs.

Begin Your Journey at Mallard Lake Center in Houston

Anyone kickstarting their journey to sobriety at Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas, must first complete a detox at Mallard Lake. One must first eliminate all of the harmful substances left behind by their addiction before going on to the subsequent stages of therapy. Call us today and choose from a wide variety of detoxification programs available at Mallard Lake Center.