Tips On Finding a General Contractor


With the economy on the uptick and the housing market on the rise, the demand for general contractors has also spiked in recent years in Texas.  But what entails in the process of weeding out and finding the right contractor for your project?  There is a lot that goes into doing your own due diligence and finding the right fit.  Whether it’s a small remodeling firm way out west in El Paso or a solid Construction Company Deer Park, contractors are out there putting in the work and it’s up to you to find them.

Seek Out Recommendations

Ask around with your friends and others who’ve had work done recently as to who they’ve used in the past.  You can gather a small list of well-recommended companies and start your search there.  You can also consult with building inspectors who work with contractors all the time as to who they would recommend.

Call Around

Once you have your initial list of contractors, you can call each of them up and do a short interview over the phone.  You can ask such things as:  How many projects do they have going on at the moment?  Can a list of previous clients be supplied?  Have they done work similar to the work you’re requesting?  These are just a few questions to ask, there’s plenty more to inquire about during the interview.

Short List / Personal Interview

After Initial phone interviews, you can whittle your list down to two or three companies.  Visit these companies and talk to the contractor personally to get a sense of who they are and what the company represents.  Get estimates for your project and any questions that you may have answered.

Deeper Dive

Take a deep dive into the company’s background and go through their previous client list to see their previous work in-person.  Talk with some of their clients and find out how their experience was in working with the contractor.

Formulate Plans and Get Bids

Once you have your short list finalized, get blueprints made of your project and supply them to your contractors and get bids from each of them.  This is where you’ll make the final decision as to who to go with.

Finalize Payment Arrangements / Get Everything In Writing

This is the final step to get the job started, you should get the agreement in writing.  Find out what the arrangements will be, half-down?  So much money per month?  Etc.  This is helpful to both you and the contractor and keeps everything legal.

These are just some general tips that go into finding a quality contractor for your job.  Seek out that Construction Company Deer Park through interviews and consultations, they just may be the right fit for your project!