Answering top 5 questions about acrylic prints!


    Printing photos on mediums like fabric, acrylic, metal, and glass, is the new trend in home décor. If you are good at taking pictures, or would like to use images to design your walls at home or workplace, opting for digital prints is a wise idea. In this post, we are answering all questions that people may have about acrylic prints.

    1. How good are acrylic prints compared to glass?

    Well, acrylic as a medium does have a few advantages over glass. First and foremost, acrylic prints are lighter, so if you don’t want to hang heavy artwork on the wall, this could be the best alternative by all means. As compared to glass, acrylic is also much more durable, and there is no compromise on the quality of prints. You can use acrylic prints even in areas that are prone to heavy food traffic.

    1. What are acrylic prints made of?

    Acrylic is a material in itself and not glass, as many may think. Acrylic is also used for modular kitchens and other kinds of interior work. The material, as we mentioned earlier, is durable, but not suited for outdoors. If you want prints that can be displayed outside, consider metal prints as the best choice.

    1. How to order large acrylic panels?

    If you want large acrylic prints, make sure that you have the best images without any compromise on resolution. There are many websites from where you can take stock photos for printing, but there is also the choice to print your own personal photos, as long as images are of high resolution. As for display, you can go for options like float or float frame, and most printing services will guide you on the best choices, depending on the size of your prints. The sizes can vary. You can choose between standard sizes, or customize as per requirements.

    1. Is acrylic printing same as face mounting?

    No. In case of face mounting, the photo is actually printed on photo paper and then sandwiched between a substrate and an acrylic surface. On the other hand, acrylic prints are printed straight on the material, on the back.

    1. What are maintenance requirements?

    Acrylic can be prone to scratches, so make sure that you are using a soft fabric for cleaning the surfaces. Most acrylic prints last for at least two to three decades, with almost no extra maintenance.

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