Personalize Your Photos with Memorable Quotes to Cherish the Special Moments


Nothing gives you an exciting flashback like a photo book. You want to relive your past, narrating the same story to everyone over a cup of coffee. However, it would be best to try different books for different ideas for your story to flow. One common mistake you are likely to make with photo books is the temptation to fit all your collection in one book. Similar photos complement each other, giving your photo book the harmony it deserves.  

Importance of first impressions on your photo book

Your first image should introduce your photo book and set the pace for your storyline. Your audience does not have to ask you what your idea is halfway after flipping through the pages. Therefore, ensure you pick an image that strikingly stands out. For instance, if you are designing a travel photo book, set the pace with the most intriguing shot likely to trigger a conversation. Avoid the temptation of using an image that your folks will flip through quickly without asking anything about it. Besides, the tempo-setting image has a captivating title that will draw attention, making your audience want to know more about the story you are telling. For instance, if you’re going to honor your dog, use a title highlighting what you want everyone to know.

What makes quotes stand out in a photo book?

Your photo book does not have to represent your memories graphically. Having personalized witty or meaningful quotes customizes your storyline, giving the book an exciting touch. For instance, if you want to design a photo book showcasing the different food cultures you have had throughout the year, you may include the funny sentiments and different reactions someone made. Before arranging your photos, think of texts, quotes or lyrics that will probably jog memories that the camera could not capture. The text may also be a movie quote or a single line from a tune that was popular during the moment. Since such memories may slip your memory, noting them in your photo book will vividly bring them back. Additionally, you can use text to remind you where and when you took the shot.

How to liven your old photos

You do not need a perfect story album filled with exquisite 3D photos. The main goal you should have during the creation process is fun. Enjoy the designing phase, selecting the photos you would want your folks to reminisce on as they flop through the smooth, shiny pages of your photo book. As you enjoy the creativity, think of how you will cherish your old memories. You will often realize that you have all your old photos in a single envelope at the back of your drawers in a storage box rusting away. Including your old photos in your photo book allows you to tell a rich story. To revamp your old images, you may scan them before printing to give the photos life. 

Everyone’s story is worth telling. Start the journey of converting your memories into a keepsake you will cherish forever. Do not let your story-filled memories find a permanent home in your phone gallery when you can log on to Mixbook and have a treasure to keep.