What to Consider in Quality Carbon Filters for Grow Rooms?


Carbon filtration is a popular method for removing air and water impurities to make an environment more conducive to germination. A carbon filter works by attracting contaminants to carbon particles when air or water passes through it. In hydroponics, carbon filtration is perfect for getting rid of strong smells that can be bothersome to the people around. For some individuals, odours from a grow room can be hazardous to their health. It’s why the chosen carbon filters have to be right.

What makes one carbon filter for sale more suitable than another? 

Thickness of the Carbon

When weighing which Flower carbon filter is perfect for your indoor garden, consider the carbon thickness. How thick the carbon determines how effectively the filter removes odours. If you have plants with unusually strong smells, then pick the thickest filter available. Medium carbon thickness is ideal for mildly-scented flowers and plants. Note that the thicker the filter, the more the accordingly.

Costs & Size

The size of a filter is the biggest determinant when buying one for hydroponics. You want the filtration system to be able to exchange all the air around the grow room. Several elements dictate the right filter size. For one, measure the room. The square feet space that the device has to filter will determine how large it needs to be. You should also decide the frequency of air exchange that best suits your requirements. Some plants might require the air to exchange every five minutes while for others, it’s every minute.


Besides the carbon and filter in the main canister, a carbon filtration system can have a pre-filter. This component eliminates some of the particles entering the primary filter, meaning that there are fewer contaminants to eliminate. The advantage is an increased lifespan for your filter. Pre-filters minimise wear and tear on some parts such as the fan. When deciding if to get Mountain Air filters or another brand, find out about the availability of pre-filters as well.


Imagine a filter that breaks downs after a few weeks of using it. The durability of a carbon filter matters as much as everything else. Having to replace or repair a filter often costs you money. If your grow room is for commercial purposes, then that can eat into your bottom line. Not to mention that a filter with poor performance can ruin your indoor garden. Go for carbon filters that promise long service even though that means spending more.

The right carbon filters make all the difference in a grow room. Besides eliminating smells, filters contribute to the healthy growth of your plants. Before choosing one Rhino Hobby filter model over another, know what your hydroponics project needs. Prioritise crucial aspects like durability, carbon thickness and size.